Designer & digital artist specialized in the creation of collaborative experiences with a fascination for the past, present, and future of city-making.


Designer & digital artist specialized in the creation of collaborative experiences with a fascination for the past, present, and future of city-making.





2020 - 2022 / BouwhulpGroep

How might renovation companies scale community mobilization through digital tools?

Oversaw the development of the Ikwoon app and its marketing strategy to translate BouwhulpGroep’s renovation planning expertise into an informative, reassuring, and practical online experience.

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🔗UI design by Eve Wolfs (External)


2022 / Pull Experience x Confidential

How might new in-car digital experiences help large EV car owners adapt their vehicles to their adventurous lifestyles?

Concept development and prototyping of future in-car services based on global research insights captured by the Pull Experience team for a leading automotive manufacturer.


2019 / Barbican x Quicksand Design Studio

How must the global humanitarian aid sector adapt to worsening climate deregulation?

HUM2035 is a design fiction told from the perspective of HUM (“we” in Hindi), a fictional humanitarian aid network founded in 2020 India commissioned by the Life Rewired Hub and conceived in collaboration with Tandem Research, STBY, and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

It tells the stories of HUM-affiliated humanitarian workers dealing with a water crisis in the aftermath of a destructive tropical storm that drastically reduces the supply of drinkable
water. Through this story, we tried to call attention to the gray areas that exist in the humanitarian aid provision space: How does one find balance between scale of coverage and quality of service? Emergency relief and sustainable empowerment? Safety and surveillance?

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🔗Art by Monkeyverse


2019 / Space10 x Quicksand Design Studio

How might improved access to off-grid solar solutions improve the lives of households living off the grid?

A research initiative conducted while at aimed at understanding the reality of day to day life in homes with limited access to energy in India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Peru.

The work was commissioned and published by Space10 as a public document, while a separate internal strategic report was also created to inform product development efforts.

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🔗Space10 Report


2019 / Confidential x Quicksand Design Studio

How might advances artificial intelligence and robotics shape tomorrow’s home improvement consumer experiences?

Intended to uncover innovative consumer applications for the client at the intersection of AI, robotics, and home improvement, this research project used a mix of primary and secondary research, and a series of creative design fiction exercises to arrive at 30 pages graphic novel telling the story of a family and their neighbor preparing for a huricane with the support of several different AI assistants.


2018 / IPE Global x Quicksand Design Studio

How might we reduce early pregnancies amongst adolescents in Rajasthan, India?

The project explored how to improve the existing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) government services by using a Human Centered Design approach.

The project resulted in the creation of a service ecosystem building on the state’s existing ashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK) program involving schools, chemists, private doctors and RKSK counselors to improve the ease of access and quality of the service for young adolescents.

🔗Project page (old website)


2017 / Pull Experience x Confidential

How might automotive manufacturers diversify their service offerings to adapt to evolving customer needs?

A series of market research projects rethinking mobility-related services for a automotive industry leader. Each project consisted of in-depth user research, home visits, cocreation sessions and a more playful spin on possible new near-future services.

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