I am a design researcher trying to make sense of the world we've built for ourselves while exploring alternative modes of living, earning, thinking, one project at a time.

Design has given me an invaluable set of tools and processes that help ground conversations, prioritise needs and find solutions that translate constraints into inspiration.

My work has enabled me to work between Los Angeles, Paris and Delhi for corporate and government actors engaging with a wide range of topics including access to clean energy, humanitarian aid, sexual and reproductive health, financial inclusion, and innovation at large. This has in large part happened over the past three years while working at Quicksand Design Studio, an experience I've tried to detail and debrief here.

Each engagement has taught me valuable lessons about the importance of regularly sharpening one's accountability, integrity, sensibility. One of the places I reflect on this process is on SOME PRECIOUS.

Through my work I hope to continue making tools not products, build bridges not walls, and support opensource culture.

Previous employers and clients: Quicksand, Pull Experience, Sterling Brands, International Rescue Commitee, Moatboat, Two Bit Circus.

Teaching experience: Guest faculty at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique (2020), Guest faculty at UPES, Guest faculty at Anant National University (2020), Guest jury at Pearl Academy (2020), Immersive storytelling courses at NID (2018, 2019) Design Research workshops at Art Center College of Design (2017).

Exhibits + Talks: VVFA Podcast (2020), DRAFT (Co-Po Jam 2020), Processing Community Day (2020), MUSEOMIX DELHI (2019), BARBICAN'S LIFE REWIRED HUB (2019), The Irregulars Art Fair (2018), Bay Area Maker Faire (2014).

Design Awards: Distributed Design Award | Circular Design Shortlist (2020), Lexus Design Award SHORTLIST (2012)

FULL CV | hugopilate [at]

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