Freelance service designer and program manager specialized in the creation of participatory experiences.

— urban pedagogy
— digital storytelling
— alternative futures
— UX design & research

Industrial designer by training, I have kept a strong appreciation for all things making (physically and digitally), especially the making of prototypes and other hands-on sense-making processes.

Most recently I have had the honor to facilitate collaborative troubleshooting workshops for the Kennis Maken in The Hague, to manage the Fast Forward program at PLACE Network, to prototype alternative worlds in video-games with the Banlieue du TURFU, and use design practices to build creative communities like Haul Earth Ledger, Digikat, Museomix Delhi, Agoraverse, and Cyberlocal Strategies.

You can also got to my PROJECT ARCHIVE to see more projects.

I am grateful to have been able to sit at so many different tables as each of these projects inform each other.

On a side note...
Do you think
penny pinching bureaucrats
would ever
seek comfort
planets collide

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